How to restore the Label Application Default Settings on an XTL-500

Restoring the Label Application Default Settings (XTL500)

From within each label editor you can choose to set the current properties as the custom default properties for that label type. When custom default properties are set, you avoid having to step through the label application wizard each time you create that type of label. See Setting Default Label Properties on page 14 of the user manual. You use this setting to remove the custom default label properties you previously set for a label application.

To restore the label application default properties

  1. From the Home screen, tap and select Default settings.
  2. Select Default label properties and then select the label application you want to reset. To restore all label application default properties, tap Reset all label application properties.
  3. At the confirmation screen, tap Reset all to confirm.

You will now have to set the properties each time you create a label for this label